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The story behind:

One October day of 2020, Alexandre was infected with the Covid 19 virus. With aim of keeping the LINAGORA family informed of the delicate situation, he wrote the following emails to share what he was going through first hand. Later on, we will find out how these first actions sparked the beginning of a whole transformation for LINAGORA.

October 27th, 2020: Sharing the News

My dear team,

I am writing to you to let you know I have been admitted today to the hospital due to complications related to the COVID. I am fighting against the virus for more than 1 week now but the situation became worst this weekend. According to the professor who is following me, I decided to enter the hospital to be under oxygen and to receive more powerful treatment. If everything is ok I could be back at home this weekend. But I will have to rest and to continue my treatment for at least one more week. During this period, I give all my power to Michel Marie Maudet you can take all decisions needed to be related to all of our companies. I kindly ask all you to help him and to help all Comex members. I wish you all to stay focus on your missions and to contribute to our success! That’s for me the best motivation to feel better asap. Thank you to all the people who have written to me. You sincerely touched my heart!**Take care of you and to your family. All the best, Alex

November 3rd, 2020: The Recovery and the New Vision

My dear colleagues, my wonderful team !

For complete transparency, I wanted to share with you the last development of my COVID complications. * It has been very difficult for me.* I thought I could pass away. Fortunately, my professor, Mister Carmoy, took rights decisions and has decided to administrate a very strong cocktail of medicine to me. I think he saved my life! I went out yesterday from the hospital.* I still need to be with oxygen permanently for the next weeks, but I can breathe!I enjoy every second of this wonderful opportunity to live.I have restarted to work. * *I want to use this second chance without losing a second. *By the way, I can’t stop working!!! *I adore it ! I am OK and so happy ! From all my heart, I would like to thank you for all your messages. You touched me and you have helped me to go through this awful experience. I am totally determined to move faster and forward ! I want to use this second chance to have a bigger positive impact for people and for the planet especially using Open Source, Open mind, confidence and trust. This world must change and we, with LINAGORA, will participate to change it ! Please, take care of you, of your relatives and your friends. Life is so precious ! For the ones, who want to see me happy, please follow this link (it was yesterday when I went out hospital) –> or

All the best, Alex

After Alexandre came out of the hospital he got a lot of media attention.

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