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Action Plan

LINAGORA’s goal to maximise its positive impact on the people, society and planet - aims to achieve 4 major objectives:

  1. Contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations with specific actions.
  2. Obtain the B-Corp certification.
  3. Become carbon negative by 2025 and to remove historical carbon emissions by 2030.
  4. Engage, empower and support globally the Tech for Good community.

For every target objective we are developing the proper research, assessments, and action plans. You will find the progress on each area worked on below.

1. Contributing to the 17 SDGs

Find our Action Plan to contribute to the 17 SDGs below. We invite you to learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how companies are implementing the SDGS here

Download Action plan and the 17 SDG spreadsheet (April 14th,2021)

If you have any comments or suggestions on any of the proposed Actions please share them via Twake in our Sustainability channel so we can spark a conversation and add them or change any current ones. This is a work in progress document.


2. B- Corp certification

About the certification:

The B Corporation certification of “social and environmental performance” is a private certification of for-profit companies. B Corp Certification is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance. The B Impact Assessment evaluates how your company’s operations and business model impact your workers, community, environment, and customers. More info here


We have completed the B-Corp Assessment to evaluate where Linagora is standing in terms of our social and environmental impact based on the way we used to operate (since we can only register what was done in the past). Our score is currently below the 80 points score needed to apply for the certification, therefore we will be working on taking on new actions to improve it. To complete this assessment we had the input from leaders of each department of Linagora.

3. Becoming Carbon Negative by 2025 & Removing historical emissions by 2030

We have connected with On A Mission nonprofit organisation based in Belgium, which is helping us calculate our footprint to identify how much needs to be compensated to reach our targets.

They were able to calculate for us that our emissions for 2020 only for the Paris office are equivalent to 208 tonnes C02 / year. Using the numbers of the emissions calculated for 2020 for Paris + assuming we have 150 employees in the whole company, it was estimated that we emitted 375 tonnes C02, which at 10 euros per ton is 3,750 euros what would cost to compensate if we would want to be carbon negative for that specific year (2020).

There is also the option to become carbon positive and compensate more than what we consumed. Many companies do this as well.

Trees take 10 years to grow to a decent “compensating” size. This means that if we wanted to accelerate our compensation speed so that we can reach our goal of being carbon negative in the next five years, we would have to invest 2 x 3,750 = 7,500 euros.

We can invest on the current projects On A Mission has worldwide or on or own project- however, our own project requires more commitment and investment (12 euros per ton and at least a 30K euros per year project). This could work in the case we wanted to remove all emissions from the past 20 years (approx. 60K euros for 4-5K tonnes of C02 assuming is linear growth).

Next steps:

For the moment it has been decided to find a way to do the carbon offsetting on our own. We are in the process of defining concrete next steps in this direction. We will have to keep in mind the possibility of Linagora’s current remote model shifting to a hybrid model, since this will have an effect on how many emissions we will need to compensate.

4. Supporting the Tech 4 Good Community:

We joined the “Responsible Innovation” working group led by Cap Digital - a business cluster, started in 2006, as French public agency they are dedicated to the development of an Innovative Economy in the Île-de-France region and in France. Jean Pierre Lorré, Lead of Innovation and part of the Research team was invited to represent Linagora with 12 other companies in the first meeting on April 1st, 2021. In the upcomings weeks, Adriana Piñeiro, Sustainability Manager for Linagora will be joining Pierre in an interview requested by Cap Digital to learn more our efforts on becoming a Good-Tech4Good company. Pierre will address all the questions related to Ethics, AI and Innovation, whereas Adriana will address the topics of Good-Tech4Good, Sustainability and our strategy objectives. The purpose of the Responsible Innovation working group, ultimately is to deliver a white paper on what Cap Digital Member companies are doing in terms of Responsible Innovation in France.

First GoodTech4Good Board Meeting:

GoodTechforGood Board Members are able to participate on Monthly Board Meetings to discuss the progress on Linagora’s GoodTechforGood Actions. This includes discussions about our contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, our plan to become carbon negative by 2030 and other social & environmental efforts of the company. Our first Board Meeting was held on March 31st, 2021.

You may access the summary of the presentation by viewing this video.

— Stay tuned for more updates! Last updated on: April 20th, 2021